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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

NonViolent Communication

Positive Psychology

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My therapeutic approach

I have always been passionate about human relationships and interactions and how our behaviors and relational strategies influence our relationship with others and the world. I have explored different professional paths with the common thread of discovering and understanding others. Above all, my intention is to welcome you into a space where you feel safe and comfortable so that you can give voice to who you really are in order to move forward on your path with serenity, a greater understanding of yourself and a greater sense of purpose.

Accompagnement individuel ACS

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology can help individuals find a satisfying balance in their lives by generating positive emotions, nurturing social relationships, and helping them understand what is important to them in order to nurture self-actualization and sense of meaning.

Analyse pratique professionnelle; APP

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy​

SFBT is a hope friendly, positive emotion eliciting, future-oriented vehicle for formulating, motivating, achieving, and sustaining desired behavioral change.​

Education, bienveillante, bien traitante, positive, montessori, alternative

NonViolent Communication

NVC invites us to expand our emotional intelligence in order to welcome, articulate and understand the range of emotions that flow through us and to become more aware of our personal perceptions in order to connect with authenticity to our needs, our motivations, and others.

​​​​Brief therapies are not intended to substitute for diagnosis by your general practitioner, for medical treatment, or for medication..


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